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Europe with kids, ain’t it grand?

“I don’t know why everybody says Europe is so beautiful,” my youngest complained today as we walked our bikes through a crowded street of Old Town Zadar, Croatia, trying to avoid running into tourists. “Look at all the cracks on the stones!” “Do you know how old those stones are?” I said. I don’t know … Continue reading Europe with kids, ain’t it grand?

Driving Lessons

Sarge has started my driver’s education course. After two months of leaving him behind the wheel of our manual transmission rental car, he’s handing over the reins so I can get a taste of driving in Europe. Almost all of the cars here are stick shifts. They’re cheaper to buy (and rent) and are more … Continue reading Driving Lessons

Haircuts Abroad

I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail every day for more than a month. That’s because I have the worst haircut I’ve ever had since my Shirley Temple look of the fourth grade. I used to have long hair that fell below my shoulders, maybe too long for a 46-year-old. That must be what … Continue reading Haircuts Abroad

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