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Beach Bodies and Bikinis

When I left the States, my scale said I weighed 96 pounds. That number, of course, is a ridiculous falsehood. I weigh that plus the weight of a small child, which doesn’t paint a pleasant mental picture as we enter swimsuit season. I didn’t bother to buy a new scale when mine went haywire because … Continue reading Beach Bodies and Bikinis

‘Lucky’ Is All in Your Perspective

Sarge and I just sent the boys to the market by themselves to forage seafood and bread to go along with our salad for dinner. The boys are 10 and 11, and they have a bit more freedom in Croatia than they had back home. We did break down and buy them cell phones to … Continue reading ‘Lucky’ Is All in Your Perspective

No Liquids and No Gondoliers

The post office here is not the friendliest place on Earth. Of the handful of times I’ve been to Hrvatska Pošta, the service operated by the Republic of Croatia, I’ve tried to give it a second and third chance. Maybe it’s just my lack of knowledge of the language or of their process that’s the … Continue reading No Liquids and No Gondoliers

Farmers’ Secrets

The secrets of life may be discovered by talking to the farmers who run the fruit stands along the scenic Adriatic Highway along the coast between Split and Dubrovnik. One of the treasures from our weekend road trip to the southern tip of Croatia is a piece of scrap paper tucked in my purse. On … Continue reading Farmers’ Secrets

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