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‘Ride it like you stole it’

The first cruise ship of the season has already come and gone from the harbor here in Zadar, Croatia. We are not far behind it. This is our last week in this beautiful country. There is a word in Croatian that describes a state of mind I will miss long after we leave. It’s called … Continue reading ‘Ride it like you stole it’

When laundry day goes bad abroad

We are living in a vacation rental while we’re in Croatia. It’s mostly great and maintenance-free. Except for today. We have a couple of extra sets of bedding and five large bath towels for the four of us. Since we are in Eastern Europe, we have no dryer. (They have no idea what they’re missing). … Continue reading When laundry day goes bad abroad

Carnival in Croatia

In October, we couldn’t find a single Halloween costume in our Croatian town. They take All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day too seriously for Halloween foolery in the mix. But for weeks this winter, our supermarkets have been stocked with costumes in preparation for Carnival.   Our boys have been waiting for this day … Continue reading Carnival in Croatia

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